Monday, 29 February 2016

The First 21 Days Of A Bees Life

Watch this video about bees. It will really get you thinking about how much we need them.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

I Have A Dream- Motivational video

This is an amazingly motivational video. It motivates me every time I watch it. The main message is follow your dream which I think is the best message that anyone could consider to understand.

Super Six ( And The Best Day Of My Week )

We had super six on Friday 26th February 2016.

The sport was soft ball. We had a really good day. Our class had two teams, the competitive team and the really chilled team. I joined the competitive team and we won our first game!!! well done team. We lost our second game though but only by a few points. Our third game was just for fun really, because we were versing room 10, who are is in the cluster of classes that make up Te aroha, we only lost by one run. To make the day even better we got our job offers back and I got... 2IC!!! my first choice! and on top of that I got a free slushy from working in the canteen!
YAY :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Hi everyone I just found this really good TED ED riddle.See if you can figure it out. I'm still stuck on it!!!

Authors Blurb

Emma was born in Taurunga hospital in 2004. Her family moved to hamilton when she was 3. She started primary school in 2010 and has raced throughed the years to her current school Berkley intermediate.

Her first writing award was in year 3 when she came second in a writing contest with her poem about fire works.She has won many more awards and even won the dragon trophy in year 6 for the best writing in the whole school.

She enjoys trying to write and illustrate picture books. Her latest story is called The NOT Fairytale. It's about a girl called August who can go into fairytales and change them. She hasn't got very far though.

She lives in a house in front of a building site so it is very noisy, dusty and hard to concentrate. She has her own room which she shares with her pet rat Saskia. Her family also has two cats called Odie and Nacho and two fish called Toothless and Dragonface. She has two little brothers who are always annoying her. She enjoys Nerf guns, Swimming and sport but most of all she enjoys writing.